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Related post: Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:46:25 -0800 From: Collin Dantry Subject: Queer Life in Llanview- Chapter bbs model 14 yo. 2Here's bbs pedo fotos gratis another installment. As in the last bbs pedo porn chapter these characters are the property of ABC Productions, and I have no idea if any of these characters or top kds bbs pedoland actors are gay. If you aren't old enough to read this please go hang out in the local park next to the restrooms where you will be safe. I am trying to catch up to the current story lines but with my cp bbs movies nude schedule that's not always possible. This story happens a day or two before Chris attacks Mitch. If I get bbs girls tgp yo some good feedback I'll keep writing, and the next ones will be along current story lines. Email me... erostoryluverhotmail.comChristian had just come from Llanfair after seeing Natalie. He knew he couldn't be around Natalie right elwebbs guestbook now, much less bbs lola free be intimate with her like he so wanted to be. Just knowing she was forbidden right now made him hornier than usual, which said a lot. He had gotten used to getting it from Jen once or twice a day, not counting the occasional session in a glory hole at school. He climbed the stairs to Antonio's apartment, hoping that he would be home and not with Keri and hoping to bend his brother's ear about loitas bbs his problems.Up in the apartment, Antonio had just gotten home from seeing Keri who wanted to spend some time with her mother svens story bbs alone. Antonio was kind of grateful seeing as he really hadn't had any private time for the past couple of months. He had stripped down to nothing and was lounging on the couch watching an old movie. He was just relaxing small bbs child fuck and playing with himself when he young porn pic bbs heard the knock on the door. He cursed, wondering who the fuck was at his door. He grabbed a blanket from teen bbs magazine the back of the couch and covered himself up. Antonio looked through the peephole, and saw that it was Christian. He threw open the door to see a very depressed Christian."Hey man, what's wrong.""Everything, can I bbs cute come in?...Keri's not here is she, I wouldn't want to interrupt anything?" Christian said ls club bbs noticing his brother's lack of clothing."OH, no...she's at her mothers. I was just relaxing and watching a movie." Antonio said realizing what Christian meant."Ok. You mind if crash all petite bbs here. I don't really have any place to stay right now.""Sure man, you're always welcome here."The two brothers plopped down on the couch, Antonio trying to hide as much of his naked body as he could. Christian bikini teens bbs just kinda stared nude bbs ls magazine and looked at him funny, wondering why he was sitting around naked."I think I'll run go put some clothes on. Be right back." Antonio said feeling very uncomfortable sitting so close to his brother."No..it's top 50 bbs ok man....it's your house. Besides remember when we were teenagers and mommie was at work we used to run around the house half naked or naked bbs boys galleries depending on our mood. I'm used to seeing your scrawny little butt." Christian said, laughing, feeling a bbs littlest little better now that he was with his brother. Christian loved Antonio so much."Yeah...yeah Chris....I remember, and my butt is not scrawny, see..." Antonio said standing up and flashing his brother his ass,"Oh yeah, I remember now. You gay sex bbs have a nice little ass." Chris said laughing while reaching out and slapping his brother's ass with his hand.This surprised and shocked Antonio as he spun around looking diaper bbs forum at his little bro with a look of annoyance and love. "That's it you little shit, you're gonna pay for that. "With that Antonio pounced on Chris and the two started wrestling on the couch. The wrestling soon fell to the floor and Antonio got the vombats sun star bbs better bbs boys young pics of his little brother and began to tickle his little brother just like he used to do when they were kids. Chris just cgi bbs teen laughed hysterically and writhed in a fit trying to escape his brother's torture."Please......please....please Tonio...don't......stop...stop....I'm gonna piss all over myself." Chris touzokudan bbs max adult said between laughs and trying to breath."Yeah whatever...you little baby.....this is what you get for touching my ass."Tonio continued to tickly Chris until Chris gasped and Antonio felt a warmth and wetness under his ass. free bbs young Tonio had been sitting on Chris's crotch the whole time and now could feel something warm in Chris's jeans. AL child porn imgboard bbs of a sudden as Chris continued to laugh under Tonio's constant teen photo index bbs tickleing Antonio realized that Chris REALLY was pissing in his pants. Antonio jumped up, releasing Chris, and looked down at the very large dark spot all over Chris's crotch. Antonio reached behind himself and felt Chris's piss all over his ass.Antonio looked down at Chris in disgust."Look what you just did, Chris. You fucking pissed on me.""It's your own damn fault jerk. I told you to stop. You know how tickling makes me have to pee.""Still, you pissed on me.""Well fuck you, it's your free password bbs own fault, you should have gotten up when I told you....." Chris was stopped mid word as shock came over him as he realized that his naked brother standing in front of him child bbs young was letting loose a stream of his own piss and svens place gateway bbs Antonio's warm piss was falling down onto chinese anal bbs Chris's crotch and chest. Some sun bbs ranchi was even splashing up onto Chris's face and open mouth.Chris was in total shock but was oddly intrigued watching his naked sexy brother standing over him with a nice looking dick that was releasing a warm fluid onto him. board cgiworld max bbs Chris just sat back and watched, still trying to fain shock."There you go, ya little baby, now we are even. But you stink to high heaven now. Go take a shower."Chris just sat there bbs phtc in awe and stunned silence."Come on Chris, I'm sorry for peeing on you, but you started it so come on, let go get a shower." Antonio said grabbing Chris's hand and pulling him up to his feet.The two brothers walked into the bathroom and Antonio turned on the shower. Antonio closed the door and grabbed some towels."Chris, bro....are you gonna take a shower or stand there like a freaking stump?"Chris finally snapped out of it and began removing his piss soaked clothes. The smell caught his nose as he pulled the shirt over his head. HE bbs guide underground inhaled and realized the smell was not as bad as bbs shocking he figured. He removed the rest of his clothes and stepped into the shower. Antonio walked in behind him into an over sized stand up shower easily capable of fitting 3-4 people."You're gonna shower with me Antonio? Why?""Water heater isn't that big and I want to make sure there's hot water to get your stinking piss off me. Besides we showered as kids, and you've already seen me all night butt naked. What's your problem?""Never mind, just pass me the soap" Chris said reaching for the soap in Antonio's hand.The two started to clean themselves off in silence. Antonio kept "accidentally" looking at his brother's toned body. He quietly thought to himself that Chris's body is probably why every college girl in Llanview is chasing him. Chris was also noticing his brother's cop body and how the suds from the soap slid down over his chest and ass. Chris just shook barbie models bbs the thoughts from his head and bbs girl toplist returned to washing his hair. The two were about done when Christian tried to put the soap back on the tray and he lost his footing on the tile floor. Chris tried to catch himself but couldn't find anything to hold onto and began to fall backwards. Antonio lsm board model bbs was still getting water out of his eyes, and didn't realize Chris was slipping until he felt Chris's body fall into him. The two fell backwards until both were lying on the tile teen bbs pics floor with warm water cascading on top of them. Both managed to escape any injury as they sort of broke each other's fall. They both laid there recovering when each realized that they were lying against each other's naked wet bodies. Antonio felt Chris's jap kogal bbs body against him sliding with every movement and he started to become excited. blackcat nude photos bbs Chris could feel that excitement zeps bbs illegal as he realized that he could feel Antonio's hard-on in his back. Chris just nudist pictures links bbs leaned back against his shocking virgin bbs brother teenz model bbs and looked up at him. Both didn't know what to do or what was happening. kdz sex bbs Antonio, who loved his brother so much, just leaned down and kissed Christian. Chris couldn't believe that Tonio was kissing him, but he was enjoying it. Being close to this brother always mad him feel good, but now that they were So close , Chris felt safe from everything and released form all his problems.The two just sat there locked in a passionate kiss as the warm water cascaded down over them. Each of them grew more excited and more passionate. Tonio's tongue eased into his brother's mouth, gently caressing Christian's own slippery tongue. Chris couldn't help to moan into robbs celebrity oops page his brother's mouth as he enjoyed bbs teens post the kiss and the feel of Tonio's hands all over his body.Antonio broke the kiss and suggested they get out from the bottom of the shower. Christian stood up and stepped out of the shower as Antonio turned off the water. They both quickly dried off and raced for Antonio's warm bed. The two collapsed bbs toplist cp on the bed in a bundle of tickleing and quick kisses. Finally Christian started sucking on ls nn bbs Tonio's ear and neck and Antonio began to relax and moan. The two moved their hands all over each other, touching and massaging every inch of flesh.Antonio couldn't stand the torture any longer and threw Christian back onto his back. nude 12 yo bbs Antonio stood over his naked brother smiling and admiring the sizeable cock that was fully hard and leaking onto Christian's abs. Antonio dove down onto Christian's cock, free bbs ped and licking it from the base to the tip. Christian thrusted his hips into the air at the feel of his brother's childporn pedo bbs warm mouth and tongue. Antonio slid his brother's thick cock into his mouth enjoying the flood elwebbs magic dark of precum flowing from Christian's dick. Tonio continued to slip his lips and tongue up and down his brother's cock, as his hand massaged those Vega jewels. Christian's were hairless just like Antonio liked. Antonio's hand traveled farther down until he could play with Christian's tight little ass. Christian really started thrashing at the feel of his brother's hands massaging and probing his ass. Antonio took a break to lick a few of his finger, and then returned to sucking his brother as his hand drifted to Christian's ass. Antonio used firm pressure on his little brother's pussy, and it slid in but not without a jerk and a long moan from Christian. Antonio really pedo bbs kiddy started little virgins bbs post to finger his brother and then playing with his ls land bbs prostate. After just a few minutes of this as play not to mention Antonio's bbs girl model top well experienced blow job, Christian was thrusting his cock into Tonio's mouth and pumping a heavy load into it. Antonio loved the feel of a pulsing creaming cock in his mouth, and bbs tgp kds the taste of his very own brother's cum made his 9 inch piece of meat hard as a rock.Antonio lifted off japan bbs girl his brother's slimy and still jizzing cock and licked his lips while smiling at his sweat covered little brother. Antonio reached down one last time with his tongue and scooped the last of Christian's load from his head and abs. Tonio grabbed his own cock and smeared his precum plus some of Christian's cum all over his dick getting it good and slimy. Antonio wanted his brother's ass more than anything, and the dazed cock crazed Christian offered no resistance. Antonio knelt between Christian's legs and through those legs over his shoulders. Tonio's kiddie porn bbs pics cock was pointed right at Christian's pink little virgin hole. Antonio rubbed his cock head against Christian's opening extracting a long moan from Christian. As Tonio's nude girl pics bbs head began to bbs art nude slip in Christian jerked and tried to pull away from his bbs little girls xxx brother."Come on Chris...I'll be easy....This is going to make you feel sooooo good....be a good little brother Chris and let me in...just relax." Antonio said softly to his brother.Christian just moaned softly and closed his eyes. Antonio tried to ease his cock in again and this time the head started to move in and fozya ru bbs slowly his cock began to disappear up his bother's ass. Christian had this look of pain on his face but only moans of pleasure were coming from him. underground bbs boy Christian's tiny bbs nudes cock was sticking straight up again and leaking tons of slimy goo even though he just came. Antonio could not believe how tight and silky his brother's ass was. Before he knew it Antonio was all the way in his brother's ass.Antonio looked down at Christian and let bbs rims for w126 him know it was all the way in and asked if he was ok. Christian looked up loving into his brother's eyes and just nodded a few times. Antonio just smiled and began easing his cock back out, which made sandra model forum bbs Christian moan and grab for Tonio's ass to pull him back in. Antonio began a slow motion all the way in and then all the way out. Tonio could feel each time Christian's ass tightened around him, squeezing his cock. Slowly, russian bbs tgp Antonio began to speed up his motions as his balls and cock began to tingle and young naked bbs he could feel the boiling cum ready to fill Christian's ass. ls magazine forum bbs AS Antonio grew more filled with lust, he ukrainian young bbs pushed his brother's ass farther up xxx pic bbs into the air, straightened out his own legs, and began pile driving into Christian's ass. At this point Christian is just moaning Antonio's name children young bbs and talking dirty to Tonio in English russian bbs sun and Spanish.Antonio drives his dick hard and farther into his brother as his balls illegal bbs russian spasm and he unleashes a huge load into his brother's ass. bbs board young Christian quickly slips out from beneath his brother surprising Antonio who falls onto his back. Christian quickly gets in between freeangelsbbs his bbs mpg teens brother's flailing image host bbs teen legs and sucks Tonio's hard and still spasmming cock. Christian sucks hard to retrieve the last few drops of Tonio's model girls bbs tgp cum and the ass juices that are covering Tonio's brown cock. Christian licks like and animal as Antonio writhes in tgp freegallery bbs the bed enjoying and being tortured by his brother's tongue on his now sensitive top darkcollection bbs boylove bbs links cock. tgp young bbs toplist Christian finally finishes the clean up and kisses his way up his brother's sweat soaked chest until the two are locked in a hot little cute small bbs kiss.The two Latin hotties kiss for a moment and then Antonio develops an animal hunger of his own. HE pulls Christian up his body until Chris is sitting on his free usenet bbs tgp brother's chest. Antonio then slips his head under Chris's ass and begins to eat his brother out. Christian is surprised that his brother would eat his ass, but he loved it so much. Christian sat on nude baby girl bbs his brother's face feeling Antonio's tongue trying to suck his own cum out while Christ jerked off his own cock. It only took a few minutes of his own hand and Tonio's talented tongue for him to reach an orgasm. nude pics of bbs Christ sat up and moved down until his cock was over Tonio's face and waiting tongue and then tpg bbs let loose with another creamy Vega load. Antonio tried to get all of it in his mouth but there was just too much and Christian's teens only bbs cock bbs ukrainian angels was spasmming too wildly.Finally Chris came back to earth and laid down next to Antonio. The two started to kiss and lick the cum from each other's faces. The two made out for almost models angels bbs bbs board tgp an hour, savoring the taste of each other's cum and spit. Christian felt safe with his brother and Antonio had forgotten what really passionate tpg bbs galleries sex was like. The two covered in sweat and cum drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.
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